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Aerin Candles

New candles from Aerin Lauder. The beautiful packaging, created by artist Helen Dealtry, makes it a perfect gift. Glass vessel, brass lid. Approximate Burn Time: 60 Hours.


- The L’Ansecoy Orange Blossom scented candle was inspired by the laid-back vibe of Mustique. Its fragrance captures the flora that lines the islands beaches, with sun-kissed orange blossom and sweet Cedar enhanced by the greens and citrus of Petitgrain.

- The Corviglia Spice scented candle was inspired by the unspoiled Alpine landscape of Corviglia, overlooking St. Moritz. Its fragrance transports you to Switzerlands slopes with warming Pink Pepper, velvety Rose, and the rich woody depths of Patchouli and Cedar.

- The Buckhorn Amber scented candle was inspired by the exhilarating Buckhorn ski run in Aspen. Its fragrance is an ode to the landscape, with the aroma of rich, woody Amber layered with Sandalwood and lifted with a luminous floral note of Orchid.

- The Uzes Tuberose scented candle was inspired by the medieval town of Uzes in southern France. Its fragrance is infused with an alluring blend of Tuberose enhanced with fruity Apricot, and a warming hint of spicy Clove.

- The Caffarella Vine scented candle was inspired by Parco Della Caffarella in Rome, a sprawling valley of beautiful green pastures, woodland, and meadows. Its fragrance captures this pastoral scene with crisp Green Ivy, blended with alluring Waterlily and complemented with hints of woody Musk.