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LAFCO House & Home Candles

The LAFCO House and Home Candle Collection is specifically designed to create an elegant atmosphere and compliment your home’s atmosphere. The soothing scents and smooth wax are encased in artisan glass for a luxurious appearance.

Available in:

Wine Room/Black Pomegranate – The Lafco Wine Room Blush Black Pomegranate Candle has a juicy and complex; enticing black pomegrante with deep notes of cognac and tart cherry flavors. Perfect to accompany the finest of wines.

Master Bedroom/Chamomile Lavender – The Lafco Master Bedroom Khaki Chamomile Lavender Candle has the slightest suggestion of fresh washed linens is added to the scent of healing chamomile blossoms and lavender buds to inspire a restful nights sleep and sweet dreams.

Office/Rosemary Eucalyptus – The Lafco Office Apple Green Rosemary Eucalyptus Candle includes invigorating eucalyptus and rosemary scents complimented by wild mint to encourage sharp thinking and wakefulness. After hours in front of the computer monitor or check book, this fragrance will keep you inspired and clearheaded.