2016 Interior Design Trends

2016 Interior Design Trends

2015 was a great year in design, but we’re really looking forward to what will be going on in the design world in 2016.

Everyone has their own ideas of what trends this year holds, so we thought we’d add our two cents 🙂 Take a look at our predictions of 2016 interior design trends:

Making the spaces in our home an escape from the connected world we live in

Designer Stacy Garcia was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, saying: “The growing emphasis on this need to always be connected has created a movement to find quiet simplicity amongst the noise”. Preach it, Stacy- we couldn’t agree more. Ways you could expect to see this through design are:

A shift away from the loud, fun colors of the bohemian style (that were ever so popular in 2015) & a move towards more neutral or calming hues

Of course there will always be a place for fun colors & patterns, but consider toning certain spaces down a notch, like the bedroom, for instance. This helps to create a space where you can go to disconnect.


Simplicity in Interiors

Architectural Digest got designer Miles Redd’s thoughts on this: “I think 2016 will bring a shift toward a kind of minimalism. Let’s call it minimalism with a twist. I think everyone responds to the luxury of space, but there are so many wonderful objects, art, and furniture that it takes superhuman powers of refusal (at least for me) not to have something. The great thing to do is refining and distilling it to the best things that speak to you and removing the rest.”



Eliminating certain pieces from your home can be hard, but can also help you to declutter and better appreciate the pieces that are most important and meaningful.

This leads us to our next trend:

Interior Customization

This really emphasizes a mix of old & new pieces in the home & being able to reflect an individual’s interests instead of honoring a particular style. Jonathan Adler captures this idea beautifully in Vogue: “We live in an anything-goes world where it’s okay to mix high with low, mid-century with minimalist modern, colors, patterns, and everything in between. The best trend I’m seeing is people forgetting about the ‘rules’ and loving what they love unapologetically”.



Pieces made by local artisans being used in the home

This includes ceramics like bowls & vases, as well as art, weavings and other textiles.


Above: a succulent planter by Powder Studio, a design studio located in NoDa that offers original handmade-to-order porcelain and custom lighting fixtures.

We especially love this trend- if we can support local makers & artisans AND obtain beautiful pieces for our homes, it’s a win-win. 

What trends do you expect to see in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!