Custom Art by Zoe Bios

Custom Art by Zoe Bios

Do you have a wall in your home that’s been bare for too long? One easy way to spruce up a room without changing everything in it is to add a great piece of art, and California-based design house Zoe Bios Creative is one company that has just that. If you’ve never heard of them, check out our ZBC ‘Get to Know’ post here to learn a bit about the company and see some examples of their beautiful work!


One of the best things about Zoe Bios is how customizable their pieces are. It’s so nice to have quality art that’s custom sized and framed to fit a particular space in your home without the price tag of a commissioned piece. ZBC really streamlines the custom process to make it easy for you to have just what you want in your home. We have lots of print and framing samples in the shop to help you through the customization process!

Here are some key points about how it works:

Any piece can be made in a specific size (listed below) OR be made into custom sizes:

–          8.5” x 11”

–          11” x 14”

–          14” x 14”

–          16” x 20”

–          16” x 16”

–          20” x 24”

–          20” x 20”

–          24” x 32”

–          24” x 24”

–          30” x 45”

–          30” x 30”

–          36” x 54”

–          36” x 36”

–          40” x 60”

–          40” x 40”

–          48” x 72”

–          48” x 48”

Here are a few of the cards that you’d use to choose your print and match with a frame option:


Any piece can come in:

-Framed (choose from any frame available)


-4” Deep Acrylic Box 

-Gallery Wrap 

Here are two examples of framed and unframed pieces of art:


And these pieces are framed in the 4” Deep Acrylic Box and are all 24” x 32”:


The available framing options to choose from:


*Prices are determined on size of the art and whether or not the piece is framed or unframed.


We have a few ZBC pieces in the shop that you can take home with you, or just use as examples of the possibilities of framing/art combinations!

We love this teal & gold leaf combo with wooden frame:

img_7086 img_7087


If you’re in the market for new art for your home, we definitely recommend looking into this beautiful, customizable brand!