Dress Your Bed- Part 2

Dress Your Bed- Part 2

This week’s post will explore the different ways of arranging your bedding. Whether you prefer a duvet cover, quilt, coverlet, blanket, or a combination of these, there are different ways to layer and arrange what you have to be aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, comfortable.

Before we get started, the article below lays out the differentiation between the different types of bedding (sometimes we all need a refresher!):


Let’s take a look at some of our go-to bedding arrangement options:

First, and probably the option we use the most, is the combination of a folded duvet cover and a coverlet.


Here are some examples:opt1-2

This type of bedding arrangement adds a very nice layering aesthetic to the bed, and makes personalization very easy because of all the different components involved.

A much simpler alternative is to just purchase a nice duvet cover and pull it all the way up over your bed. For added warmth, add a blanket underneath, and for added style, add a throw at the bottom of the bed.


The same goes for quilts and coverlets- pull your quilt or coverlet up all the way, then add a throw or a blanket at the end for a little extra color and pattern:



You could also add a contrasting fitted/flat sheet to give even more visual appeal to your bedding without adding any extra weight.




Mix and match these style options to personalize your bedding, then top it off with one of the pillow arrangements from our previous post 🙂

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