Get to Know: Susan Connor Textiles

Get to Know: Susan Connor Textiles

If you read our ‘Pillow Party’ post last week, or if you’ve been in the shop recently, you may have noticed a few unique additions to our ever-growing pillow collection. If not, you’re in for a real treat! Introducing: Susan Connor.


Susan Connor’s designs are totally unique and have such a relaxed, bohemian feel. Keep on reading to learn a little bit more about Susan and her textiles!



Susan Connor is a self-taught pattern designer and artist who is creating beautiful works of art through her textile line. Her first collection, that launched in early 2014, was inspired from decorative art traditions meshed with a vibe of modern, relaxed simplicity.


All of the magic happens in her studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This is where Susan begins each piece as a rough concept sketch which are then “slowly brought to life through a careful alchemy of design work, material sourcing, and production methods”. (Susan Connor)

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.39.14 AM sc-throws 18-temple-ivory-4_1024x1024[photos from Susan Connor]

The amount of work that goes into creating these textiles is easy to see through the beautiful texture and detail in her patterns. The fact that the fabrics are blockprinted by hand and by a block that was so intricately carved makes each piece unique and that much more special to own. All of her products are manufactured using non-toxic materials right here in the US, and that just makes them even better in our book!

SC-1 2[photo from Remodelista]

I mean, just look at how beautiful these carved blocks are…they’re works of art in themselves!

SC-2 2

[photo from Remodelista]

The muted hues and informal, bohemian vibes seen in her textiles make them ideal for any type of space- they would fit perfectly in a casual beach house, and equally as well in a formal living room. They can really go anywhere! We love having this type of versatility in a line that we carry, and we hope you’ll come check out more of Susan’s work in the shop! Have a happy weekend 🙂