Home Tour: Meredith Jackson

Home Tour: Meredith Jackson

We are so excited to share our first home tour with you here on Isabella Studio! Meredith Jackson is a talented jewelry designer who has a working studio and shop upstairs in the Villa here in Charlotte (where we are also located). Not only do we adore her jewelry and her shop, she’s one of our dearest friends, too.


Meredith has impeccable taste and it clearly shows when visiting her Uptown loft. It’s the perfect mix of casual yet sophisticated and elegant yet approachable – which is very much like the style of her jewelry!

Right when you walk into Meredith’s loft, you are hit with this hot pink wall.. so cool!


The first time I walked into Meredith’s loft, I felt like I was in a movie – it’s such a unique space and impeccably decorated. Sometimes lofts can feel too open and cold, but Meredith’s loft is so inviting and cozy. It especially feels this way at night when it’s dark outside and all the lights are on (which is why we decided to take these home tour pictures in the evening).

Living Room

I love how she mixes traditional pieces like her English rolled arm sofa with more funky pieces like the metallic lavender snakeskin benches.

Living Room2

Scattered throughout her home are beautiful pieces of artwork like in the picture below.


Meredith has the most AMAZING collection of jewelry (rightfully so, she created almost all of it!), as seen in her bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom3

If you see us girls at Isabella, we’re almost always wearing Meredith’s jewelry. And we love that Meredith also has Isabella bedding on her bed! The shams, round Ann Gish pillow and Kantha throw below were purchased at Isabella.

Master Bedroom2

And of course I had to include some close up shots of her amazing jewelry collection!

 Jewelry2 Jewelry

Meredith’s jewelry design really mimics the style she has going on in her home – you can tell she creates her jewelry from the heart. Here are some of our current favorites:


[1] Vintage Turquoise Afghan Pendant Necklace – $200  [2] Delicate Natural Stone Bracelets – $75 each  [3] Tear Drop Lapis and Gold Hoop Earrings  – $175  [4]  Gold Chain and Smokey Quartz Charm Bracelet – $250  [5] Long Paper Clip Gold Chain Necklace – $175, Gold Textured Pendant Necklace – $135, Turquoise and Gold Chain Necklace – $285  [6] Tourmalinated Quartz and Gold Hoop Earrings – $120  [7] Gold Tassel on Red Cord Necklace – $185

Email shop@meredithjackson.com for inquiries about the jewelry above. Visit Meredith’s website here to learn more about Meredith and shop online!