Loving Lately: Patterned Tiles

Loving Lately: Patterned Tiles

One trend that we don’t see dying down any time soon (at least we hope not!) is the use of patterned tiles. They can be used in so many different spaces, and can always be counted on to provide a ‘wow’ factor in any room they’re in. There are many different styles of patterned tiles available, from traditional Moroccan patterns, to more contemporary designs. If you’re looking for a bold statement, or have a space that’s in need of a little something extra, patterned tiles are definitely the way to go! We’ve rounded up a list of our favorites along with some examples of the tiles in use. Take a look!

Our fave patterned tiles:


Tile Sources: First 2 Rows- Clé Tile ; Row 3- Cement Tile Shop ; Row 4- Fireclay Tile ; Row 5- Popham Design

You can see by this list the wide range of styles & colors available- go neutral with a simple pattern, or add a bold pop of color to your space with these beauties! 

Tiles Installed:

We’re loving the uses of patterned tiles in these bathrooms!

smp CW decorpad

Kitchens are another common place you’ll find patterned tiles. They’re perfect for a bold backsplash:


On the floors:

Emily_Henderson_Ginny_Macdonald_Deco_Lights sfgirl

And we LOVE the unexpected use of tile on the back of an island or bar:

lonny pampa

Just a little pop of pattern goes a long way!


These tiles are also great for entryways, mudrooms, laundry rooms…the list goes on and on.



What are some of your favorite uses of patterned tiles? We’d love to know!