Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life

Yes, we stole the title from the NY Times best seller of the same name, but we couldn’t resist. We love a well-made bed with luxe linens that invites you to stay awhile and make yourself at home. A bed is where we unwind, relax, recharge … and since we’re all spending a little more time hangin’ at home we thought a little bed-making tutorial might be in order. Of course, you could google it or watch Martha make a bed on YouTube, but we figured you might want some tips from your neighborhood shop girls…so here are a few thoughts from Isabella on making a proper bed …

A few bedding basics:

  • Don’t forget a mattress pad or topper, in a breathable fiber like cotton or linen, for extra comfort beneath the sheets.
  • Select the right sheets: Everyone thinks it’s all about the thread count, but truth be told it’s actually more about the quality (Erin’s secret quality formula: sheets made from Egyptian Cotton and milled in Italy.) Matouk has a great article which demystifies the myth of thread count and gives insight into how to define and look for quality sheets. Of course, we welcome the chance to guide your sheet selection so feel free to connect with us. We also have a beautiful selection of fine linens on our shopify (so you can shop for home at home).
  • Launder your linens properly to ensure they last and keep that luxe feel. We LOVE Laundress detergent and NO fabric softener for our bed linens.
  • Start with a fitted sheet that’s deep enough to properly fit your mattress.
  • Place flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet, with the printed/top side down. The turn-over then shows off the pretty hem, trim or pattern.
  • Layer a coverlet or blanket on top of the fitted sheet for warmth and layered luxury.
  • Top with a duvet. You can fold the duvet in half or thirds to reveal more of the layers.
  • Add pillows for more comfort, character and texture. A variety is always nice, perhaps start with a pair of standard pillows, then add pillow shams, Euros and decorative pillows to your heart’s content.
  • Accent the look with a pretty throw at the foot of the bed for extra texture or a pop of color or pattern.

You can recreate looks you find on pinterest by pulling together a selection of pieces from our shopify finds.

We all have our own idea of what makes the perfect bed situation. We’ve got you covered no matter your vision, but do tell, which one of these fits your bed style dreams?

What’s your bedding personality?

Simple Chic. You love crisp quality white sheets and a fluffy duvet or simple coverlet. You are drawn to minimal style, but still love a few comfy layers, a tone-on-tone trim and a well-placed throw at the foot of the bed. For you, we suggest this Boyfriend Matelasse Coverlet.

Perfectly Preppy. Monogrammed pillows are a must to top your pressed percale sheets and embroidered duvet. You also love a pop of color and contrast. Contact us for your custom order. We offer an array of Matouk bedding which fits this style to a T.

Organic Luxe. For you, 100 percent linen luxury is essential. Organic fibers, natural vibes and a relaxed look is your idea of bedtime chic. One of our fav organic lines is Avasa. We would love to help you create a natural layered linen bed to achieve that quintessential quest for casual luxury.

Patterned Layers. It’s about mixing it up for you, with lots of patterns, textures and layers. You want your bed to reflect the many facets of your personality and perhaps the places you’ve traveled. We love our mix of John Robshaw bedding essentials for your style.

We are sharing some other fun bedding mix ideas today on our Instagram Stories. Link over to take a peek.

We hope these tips and style ideas help you hone in on your bedding needs. We always want to be your linen go-to resource. We love designing bedroom spaces too. If you’re in need of a little design guidance or want more personalized assistance we are here for you. Leave a comment, DM us on Instagram or send an email our way. Our goal is to stay connected and be a light to you even in the tough times. Here’s to creating soothing havens at home and sweet dreams. Be well and stay safe.