New Rebecca Atwood & Bunglo

New Rebecca Atwood & Bunglo

Hey there! We hope the first week of Fall has treated you well 🙂 The beginning of a new season usually means the release of new collections by many brands, and two of our most favorite have both recently done just that. Bunglo and Rebecca Atwood have been staples in the shop for a while, and their newest products are nothing short of beautiful! Let’s take a look:

The newest arrivals from Rebecca Atwood are, as you’d expect, absolutely stunning. We love how her products are so versatile and fit with so many different aesthetics. A new addition to the RA line are woven fabrics made of merino wool and cotton threads, and these are used to make some of the pillows in the collection as well as the throws. This is the brand’s first introduction into woven textiles and we’re loving it.woven

Here are some more of the new pillows in the collection:


Such fun pattern play going on! And speaking of fun patterns…nothing compares to Bunglo’s use of vibrant color combos and graphic patterns. Their products are sure to liven up any space! The pillows below are part of the new Gemstone Collection, and we’re loving them all!bunglo-new

We picked a few pillows from each collection that could totally work together if you’re feeling bold 😉



Here’s a few of the pillows that we’ve gotten in at the shop, from both Rebecca Atwood & Bunglo.

img_6954 img_6951 img_6878 img_6952


We want them all!!! Hope you enjoyed viewing the new collections as much as we have, and be sure to stop by the shop to see them in person!