Refresh Your Home (without leaving the house)

Interior Design by Isabella Style, Charlotte, NC

Refresh Your Home (without leaving the house)

Since all of us are spending more time living, working, and surviving in our homes, pretty much 24/7, we thought it might be time for some interior inspiration. We’ve been thinking through small ways to make big changes to refresh our home spaces. Getting a little tired of seeing the same walls and worn-out accents? (We know we are)

For those in need of a refresh, here are a few thoughts on how to change your current view (without leaving your house):

  • Add comfort + color. Since we’re all actually living in our living rooms these days, why not add some comfy accent pillows in a fresh pattern or color? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (you can shop our shopify from home). We love our pillow selection and the artists who create them. We’re especailly loving these Bunglo pillows handcrafted by Shay Spaniola. Such great patterns, rich color, and those details, like the exposed zipper. ? You can also change a room by adding a fresh area rug or new light fixture. We are posting all kinds of ideas in our Instagram stories this week for you.
  • Rearrange something. Whether it’s as big as rearranging the entire configuration of a room or simply moving one piece of furniture or the arrangement of art on the walls, switch something up. Give yourself a better view of the windows or make traffic flow a little easier. Buy a new piece of art (link to our Shopify art gallery ) and add a little refresh to that blank wall you’ve been staring at for weeks . Re-purpose a lamp in a new space to add more task or ambient lighting. Or, bring the inside outdoors to work + play. (See our post here about refreshing your outdoor living areas).
  • Clear the clutter. You may not be ready to go full-on Marie Kondo, but clear off a table to create a legit work space, or clean out a cabinet to make room for stowing items away and clearing the line of site in your interior. Eliminating the clutter creates room to think and breathe, it helps us see the beauty of our homes.
  • Play that funky music. Change your space + mood with good tunes. The shop girls of Isabella are working on compiling our favorite playlists (coming soon to our Instagram stories). As we all know, music changes the world (and makes cleaning chores 100 x more tolerable) …So change your perspective with good mood music. What’s on your soundtrack?
  • Stay inspired. Where do you find your interior inspiration? Since we’ve been mulled up at home we’ve had to get creative to keep those juices flowing. We miss our studio and shop and miss seeing ya’ll, but we’re digging deep and seeking inspo wherever we can. Follow along with our Instagram stories + Pinterest boards as we seek + find inventive new ways to design + style interior spaces.
  • Light a candle or diffuse some soothing scents. Your surroundings impact your productivity and set the tone of your day. Why not infuse your interior with exhilarating aroma? We have an array of candles and diffusers , available for local pick-up or delivery.

We are always on the look-out for ways to inspire you through this time (and always). Feel free to reach-out to us and stay connected on our social sites. We are here for you. Thank you for your support and for thinking of us for your interior needs. Stay safe + be well.