#Trending in 2015

#Trending in 2015

When it comes to trends, we certainly don’t believe you have to follow ‘what’s trendy’  when you’re decorating your home. Nonetheless, trends will always be around, and we’ve gathered a few themes that we may see become more prominent this year!

1) Graphic, Cement Tiles


If you’re bold enough to try out these little beauties, the result will end in a seriously awesome space. As tile is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms, it can provide an unexpected pop of color and pattern in other parts of the house. For instance, use them in an entry,


on a small stair case: ctb2

in the kitchen for a backsplash.. back


or a floor: ctb4

in the bathroom: ctb5

or wherever else your heart desires! The possibilities are near endless. graphic


2) Moody Wall Colors

It’s easy to stick with generally bright, neutral colors for main spaces because it’s a safe option, but don’t be afraid to incorporate a moody hue into a room every once in a while. Darker paint colors can give a room a sense of drama and can completely change the feel of a space. These are a few of our favorite ‘moody hues’:







3) Bold Mix of Pattern & Color

Experiment with color and pattern. We’ll be the first to agree that a light and airy room is beautiful, but including a few pops of bright color and some funky patterns in either a pillow, a rug or even upholstery can give a room added personality. Mix colors and patterns together for an even more visually appealing space!







What design trends would you like to see pop up this year? Let us know!



[images via Pinterest]