Weekend Vibes – red-white-and-blue parties + picnics

Weekend Vibes – red-white-and-blue parties + picnics

What are your Memorial Weekend plans? As for the ladies of ISABELLA, we’ll be heading to the park, lake, beach, or our own back decks … wherever we can style our new hip hats from Noble Collective or sprawl out in the sunshine on these beach-perfect towels from Matouk, fresh new arrivals in the shop.

We’ll be toasting the weekend with tea glasses (promise they’ll be filled with something bubbly). And we’ll be layering on the baubles and beads, playing games with family and friends …

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… Catching up on our design inspiration, drinking cocktails, reading books, lighting candles, and of course forever decorating our indoor and outdoor living spaces. Are you feelin’ the red-white-and-blue?

Wishing you a relaxing, celebratory, blissful long weekend!!!

Cheers from the ladies of ISABELLA

{Link here to our “Summer” Pinterest board for some refreshing ideas!}