Artist Spotlight: Holly Graham

Artist Spotlight: Holly Graham

We always love a pretty paper collage and nobody does it better than our friend, artist Holly Graham. She describes her art as “abstract reflections of every day experiences.” Emotion expressed through color and texture. We are currently displaying some of her mixed media work right here at ISABELLA, available for purchase online (on our shopify) or in person at the shop (come see us to check-out all the new art and home accents arriving daily).

{We love seeing Holly’s art alongside Lauren Bolshakov’s abstract)

We recently visited with Holly to find out what she’s been up to lately and reveal a few of her favorite people, places and things. We always love to look behind the curtain and learn what’s inspiring the art and the artist. So let’s jump in.

Q: Favorite city:

A: That’s a really tough one, but I will always love New York for its energy and creativity.

Q: What’s really important to you right now:

A: Always family and health, now more than ever.

{A look into Holly’s workspace}

Q: Currently dancing to:

A: There is a little bit of everything on at our house. My son and husband like hip hop, my daughter loves Taylor Swift, and I enjoy it all. The Hamilton soundtrack has also been on heavy rotation this summer. When I’m in the studio, I go for a low key, more folksy vibe, with artists like Avett Brothers, Caamp, Willie Nelson, and Brandy Carlile.

Q: Favorite flower:

A: Peonies

Q: Fool proof dinner party tip:

A: You can’t go wrong with a signature cocktail, a great playlist, and a simple menu so you aren’t stressed about the food. 

Q: Indispensable design element:

A: Art! It absolutely brings a home to life, and it can add personality even in the smallest spaces. 

Q: Favorite thing in your closet right now:

A: Always something vintage. I have a vintage brass plated necklace that is a current favorite. It looks great with just about everything. 

Q: What’s always in your refrigerator:

A: Oat milk. I put it in my coffee, so it’s definitely the most important thing in the fridge!

Q: Where is the last place you traveled:

A: We headed to Bald Head Island earlier this summer. It was great to relax on the beach and ride bikes everywhere.

{Holly’s cute kiddos}

Q: What did you bring back:

A: A tervis tumbler with a golf cart on it. It reminds me to relax and embrace a slow pace when I can.

Q: Style icon:

A: I gravitate toward minimalism, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Francoise Hardy, Caroline Bissett, Sofia Coppola, and Cate Blanchett always inspire me. 

Q: Go—to color palette:

A: Blues and greens are always my go-to. They are soothing and echo the land, water, and sky. 

{Purchase SUN & SURF art here}

Q: Favorite places to score finds for your home:

A: Flea markets! I miss them so much. I used to love going to Scott Antique Market when I lived in Atlanta. 

Q: Best concert you’ve ever been to:

A: This is a tough one, so many great memories were made growing up going to shows. I saw U2 during their Pop tour, and the theatrics of that performance were amazing. It was one of the first shows that I had seen like it, and you could tell they put all of their energy into the performance. 

Q: Favorite museum:

A: I’m partial to the National Gallery in DC because it’s where I got my first job after college. I used to just wander around on my lunch hour and admire the collection, especially the East Wing.

Q: Best movie/tv show set design:

A: I think Wes Anderson is a genius in that genre.

Q: Radio station that always put you in a good mood:

A: A 90’s hip hop station is hard to beat!

Q: A book you’ve read more than once:

A: I have enjoyed reading a few classics again with my kids – Where the Red Fern Grows was always a favorite growing up.  

Q: Favorite cocktail:

 A: I love a good spicy cocktail, so either a Moscow Mule or a Jalapeño Margarita.

Q: What do you collect:

A: Art books! From my time as an art student, to my jobs at the National Gallery of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, I have collected books about all aspects of art and design. I love going back through old exhibition catalogues and text books whenever I can.

{image + recipe via inspired by charm}

We couldn’t agree more. Spicy cocktails + art-inspired cocktail table books for the win!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our chat with Holly. We sure did.

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