Artist Spotlight: Anna Vaughn

Artist Spotlight: Anna Vaughn

We are thrilled to be spotlighting Anna Vaughn as our featured Isabella Artist for July. We are always excited to have local/regional artist’s work displayed throughout the store and Anna is one of those artists. Anna is originally from Tarboro and currently resides in Raleigh with her family.  She attended college in Australia where she received a BA in English. Once back stateside she turned her focus towards art by returning to North Carolina where she earned a BFA in Art from East Carolina University. She has spent her post graduate years honing her artistic skills and building quite the portfolio and gallery exposure.  We are most honored for Isabella to be among the places where she displays her art and are beyond thrilled to have her latest works on display for purchase here in the store. 

A couple of weeks ago Anna sent photos of the new art she was shipping us to feature in the store. After seeing the photos, I was awaiting their arrival with the excitement of a child waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning. With the mail delayed due to the 4th of July the anticipation continued to build…

Then on Monday I got an email from Anna letting me know she was going to be driving them down from Raleigh to deliver them to the store herself. I have to say there is something special about having the artist drop off their work and having a moment to spend with them in the presence of their art displayed in our space. This proved to be one of those moments and trust me the paintings are even more magnificent in person.

We love Anna’s wide range of themes shown in her works, to include scapes, florals, studies, rurals, and figures. Her use of bright colors and mixed media combining oils with graphite on various surfaces such as hand torn paper and birch panel. An additional standout feature seen in Anna’s work is her talent for using oils to build up texture and depth to her pieces. This unique style can be seen and enjoyed in many of her florals and studies pieces. Viewing these pieces often gives the viewer the sense the flowers are real, so real that they want to reach out and touch them. While we kindly ask that you, please resist the urge to touch the artwork until you have purchased and hung the beautiful piece on a wall within your own home; we would like to invite you all to stop by Isabella to see Anna’s latest work as our featured artist of the month.

Anna in her own words:

I am an artist out of Raleigh. My series work is a reflection of free-spirited moments, often with a transportive quality and with connections between elements that encourage the viewer to wander as well. I am drawn to expansive, wide-open spaces — particularly horizon lines — and attempts to evoke this sense of freedom in my vivid paintings.  Expression, color and movement are also important aspects to my work. 

When not in my studio, you can likely find me down by the sea or out in nature with my husband, Hatcher, and children, Lucy and Byrd.

We recently had a Q & A session with Anna. We asked her all kinds of questions about life, as well as her art, her passions and a few of her favorite places. Here’s a look inside this creative artist’s mind…


20 or So Questions and Things You Want to Know about Anna Vaughn Creech Kincheloe.

Q: Where do you live: Raleigh, NC.

Q: Do you have pets: Not yet, but would love to get a puppy when our kids are a little bit older.

Q: Favorite song: An impossible question! So many favorites – anything by Stevie Wonder or the Grateful Dead tend to top my charts.

Q: Favorite Flower: Hyacinth

Q: Current favorite TV show/Movie: I watch “It’s Complicated” anytime I want an easy, feel-good flick.

Q: Book you are reading right now: I recently finished “Carrie Soto is Back– total fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books.

Q: Describe you style in 3 words: Warm, sentimental, clean

Q: Favorite Color: Green

Q: Color you never get tired of: White (does that count?)

Q: First job: Sales clerk at a women’s clothing boutique

Q: When did you decide to become a full-time professional artist: About 8 years ago – so grateful I made that leap and get to keep doing it today!

Q: Two things that you love about your job: The flexibility of time and the creative freedom to push myself in any direction.

Q: Artist on your radar: Lately, I have been really moved by the work of Joan Mitchell in my own paintings. And dying to collect one of Sandy Ostrau’s pieces – she’s a California artist and her landscaped with figures are so captivating to me.

Q: Favorite Museum: MOMA

Q: Favorite Food: Queso, guacamole and chips – with Margarita, of course

Q: Something that is always in your refrigerator: Cheese and sparkling water

Q: Favorite Restaurant around here: I have not been around the Charlotte restaurant scene in a while but I remember having a super fun dinner with a big group of girlfriends at Rooster’s a few years ago.

Q: Dream Dinner Guest: Dave Chappelle – the laughter would be unreal and I think he is brilliant.

Q: What do you bring with you everywhere you go: Since I usually have two small kids as my sidekicks, baby wipes and snacks are must haves.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go: I would be willing to travel almost anywhere, but my husband and I are venturing to Spain for our anniversary next month and I cannot wait!

Q: Favorite place you have traveled: Australia

Q: Favorite interior design style, midcentury modern, traditional, art deco, etc: Traditional meets Belgian with lots of eclectic art.

Q: Three favorite things in your home: A vintage radio table I found at an estate sale; a Teil Duncan beach painting my husband gave me when I had my daughter; a colorful antique planter that belonged to my grandmother.

Q: Favorite place to score finds for your home: Art galleries and local shops – I love being surrounded by pieces that have a personal touch or connection.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you: I play guitar and used to be in a band (that was a long time ago!)

Visit or Follow Anna on Instagram @_annavaughn_ to learn more about her work and current projects.

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