Artist Spotlight: Katie Moore Howson

Artist Spotlight: Katie Moore Howson

We are thrilled to be spotlighting Katie Moore Howson as our featured Isabella Artist for April. Katie’s works bring color and happiness from the smallest to largest walls in our store. If you have been to Isabella before you know that we are in an old house where we display our artist’s work on the walls throughout just like you would in a real home. We are constantly moving artwork from room to room around here; in doing so I have come to find that from living room to bedroom, front entrance hall to stairway wall Katie’s pieces easily adapt to their surroundings. Having the privilege to enjoy Katie’s art for an extended period, I have realized for me, her individual pieces of work evoke a full range of emotions. From bright, light and happy, to a serene sense of calm, to her others that are moody and broody, I truly love getting to enjoy them all.

We are honored to share more insight into the creative mind and artwork by Katie Moore Howson

Katie in her own words:

Hi, I’m a self-taught mixed media artist based in Charlotte, NC. While I’ve made art for as long as I can remember, I rediscovered this passion in 2020 after having my daughter at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety, art became my refuge and healer. Before the pandemic, I spent over a decade in a non-traditional “art school,” earning my creative education as a copywriter and creative director working alongside graphic designers, illustrators, motion editors, and photographers at MTV in NYC and Wray Ward in Charlotte. These past creative lives inform my work’s foundation in storytelling, language, symbolism, and how meanings are made from our highly individual emotional landscapes. My artistic process is deeply spiritual and ritualistic. The gratitude, healing, and joy I find in being an artist gets infused into every piece I create. I hope you’ll feel it too.

We recently a Q & A session with Katie. We asked her all kinds of questions about life, as well as her art, her passions and a few of her favorite places. Here’s a look inside this creative artist’s mind…

20 or So Questions and Things You Want to Know about Katie Moore Howson

Q: Where do you live: Historic Oakwood, Raleigh, NC

Q: Do you have pets: A Jim Henson creation named Bruce Bringsteen (Dog)

Q: Favorite song: “7/4 Shoreline” by Broken Social Scene

Q: Favorite Flower: Celosia (Cockscomb)

Q: Current favorite TV show/Movie: Reservation Dogs (TV), The Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Movie)

Q: Book you are reading right now: “The Secret Lives of Color” by Kassia St. Clair

Q: Describe you style in 3 words: Cozy Androgynous Acid Trip

Q: Favorite Color: Lavender

Q: Color you never get tired of: Ochre

Q: First job: “Flavor Guru” at Ben & Jerry’s

Q: When did you decide to become a full-time professional artist: Probably around age 6 when I gave out free art work with each lemonade stand purchase.

Q: Two things that you love about your job: The cathartic release of making something with your hands. And the hustle.

Q: Artist on your radar: Nathan McClements, Charleston

Q: Favorite Museum: The Blanton, Austin, TX

Q: Favorite Food: Nachos

Q: Something that is always in your refrigerator: Cheese, yogurt pouches, and IPA. Follow me for more nutritional advice.

Q: Favorite Restaurant around here: The Goodyear House

Q: Dream Dinner Guest: (Alive) Amy Poehler. (Deceased) Prince

Q: What do you bring with you everywhere you go: A gold letter L necklace for my daughter

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go: Madagascar

Q: Favorite place you have traveled: Byron Bay, Australia

Q: Favorite interior design style, midcentury modern, traditional, art deco, etc: I truly love a mixture of many styles, put together in a thoughtfully eccentric way. “For me, it’s not about achieving a singular overall style, but enjoying finding harmony among contrasting but compelling elements.” “Not a single one of us has just one flavor. So why should our homes?”

Q: Three favorite things in your home: My kiddo’s treasures from our nature walks, a vintage floral chandelier in her room, the original hand-painted house number from 1912 (and the rusty horseshoe hanging under it to watch over us).

Q: Favorite place to score finds for your home: Union Camp Collective (Raleigh), A Maker’s Post (Charleston), and Isabella!

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you: I never thought I’d say this….but I want a cat. Named Big Purrm, an homage to the classic 1995 film “Friday.” You’re at a coffee shop, what do you order?

To learn more about Katie visit Katie Howson Creative or Follow Katie on Instagram @katiehowsoncreative to learn more about her work and current projects like painting large scale murals in a soon to open upscale Mexican restaurant here in the Queen City!!

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