Artist Spotlight: Brooke Knaus

Artist Spotlight: Brooke Knaus

We admit it, we’re a little obsessed with authentic art, created the old-school way with layers of color, texture, and genuine expression. You know the kind of art that speaks to your soul. We’re equally obsessed with the artists who inspire us with their art + their style. One of our local favorites is Brooke Knaus, always a style icon as well as talented artist. We are especially feelin’ these recent fall-perfect “Shadow Grass” paintings now in ISABELLA …

We visited with Brooke virtually to get to know her a little better, learn what inspires her and discover what she is loving lately. Let’s dive into our game of 20 Questions with Brooke ..

Q: Describe your style in three words:

A: relaxed, modern, bohemian

Q: What have you learned this year:

A: That my family is the only thing that truly matters to me. Everything else could fall away and as long as I have the people I love it will be okay. 

{Brooke’s textural white-on-white painting next to a beautiful abstract of blues from Lauren Bolshakov}

Q: Go-to hostess gift:

A: a bottle of Caymus and a deliciously scented candle. I did a collaboration with Charlotte Candle Company and my favorite to gift is our Patchouli Rose scent. But truly I’m a sucker for a good candle: Nest, Cire Trudon, Diptyque. 

Q: Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence:

A: extravagance is skincare in general, but cannot live without skinceuticals C E Ferulic Acid while pregnant and nursing / Simple indulgence is morning coffee on our patio.

Q: How do you unwind:

A: falling down internet rabbit holes about whatever catches my interest: interior design, art history, anything on Bon Appetite’s YouTube page. 

Q: Dream dinner party guest:

A: Cy Twombly

Q: What smell do you love:

A: let me try to unpack the smell of waking up in a summer meadow at sunrise: Patchouli, campfire, lavender, and chamomile 

Q: Perfect meal:

A: whole grilled fish with a fresh fennel salad and glass of good wine, fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert

Q: And drink:

A: peach Bellini 

Q: You’re at the coffee shop, what do you order:

A: chai tea with steamed almond milk and stevia

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you:

A: I don’t smoke, but I can hand roll a good cigarette and once upon a time I was the world’s worst waitress. 

Q: Book you’re reading right now:

A: Live Beautiful, Athena Calderon. It’s a coffee table book but I can’t stop re-reading it for design and art inspiration. (We can’t stop either. And guess what? It’s available on our shopify or in the shop).

Q: Favorite weekend spot:

A: mid-COVID 19 pandemic it’s the forest trails at the White Water Rafting Center, followed by a glass of rose or sangria on our veranda. 

Q: Color you never tired of:

A: Soft pink

Q: What surprises you about Charlotte:

A: How many amazing businesses are run right here in our small but mighty city. There’s a fearlessness and camaraderie among entrepreneurs, especially among the women I know.  

Q: Your three favorite things in your home:

A: my family, my Eletta coffee machine, my art studio

Q: Netfix obsession:

A: My Octopus Teacher is a documentary we just finished watching. It’s really a love story about the filmmakers experience befriending an octopus. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Q: Favorite song right now:

A: my future, billie Eilish 

Q: Two things you love about your job:

A: exporting my artistic visions onto canvas, and seeing it styled in people’s homes.

Q: Favorite hotel:

A: Estancia VIK Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. It’s a stunning 4,000 acre ranch not far from the beach and each room was designed by a different artist from Uruguay. I dream about going back one day!

AAaaahhh! Don’t you just want to be there right about now?

We hope you’ve loved getting to know Brooke as much as we have. We look forward to more of her art gracing our walls soon. Be sure to check-out our shopify for all the latest art + our Instagram for new additions, tips + trends. Can’t wait to see you soon.

{One of Brooke’s “Shadow Grass” Series in ISABELLA,
complimented by Rebecca Atwood’s “Petals” wallpaper}