Beach Feels: bring the beach to your home with ocean hues, textures + aromas

Beach Feels: bring the beach to your home with ocean hues, textures + aromas

Escape to the beach virtually, if not actually. We have just the sea-inspired accents for your home to give you those balmy beach vibes. We love that sun-kissed feeling and so will your interiors.

Let’s explore some ways to bring the beach to you.

  1. Add some ocean hues! Incorporate those ocean blues, teals and neutrals with art, pillows, books, and accents. Say hello to a wide range of shades, from indigo to palest aqua, from soft sandy tones to deepest darks. Color can be added by making big commitments like painting walls, or simply adding a new piece of art or accent. We love abstract art with beach feels like this pretty piece by Lauren Bolshakov

We’ve been playing musical art with this painting so you never know where in ISABELLA it will be (until it’s sold of course).

We love the way our friend and fellow designer Dominique Delaney built this lovely living room around rich blue velvet …

Shiplap walls give another nod to coastal living without being too theme-y.

Playing with blues + naturals in an interior takes you to happy seaside places, like this fresh dining room designed by our own Ashley Walters

We love the way these raw, weathered woods compliment the graphic draperies and rug. You can always start small and build your way up. For instance, add a simple beach-inspired layer to your cocktail table. We love this hand-painted Wave Tray mixed with some organic jewels by Noble Collective.

2. Add natural textures! … Rattan, bamboo, driftwood all give a nod to those toes-in-the-sand feels. Add texture and warmth with a pair of bamboo hurricanes …

Or add a pair of rattan accent chairs

Or lay down a natural jute rug in your living area. We have a wide assortment of styles + sizes for you. Shop here for our rugs or make an appointment to dream and scheme a major design plan for your interior.

Add fresh-cut palm fronds or potted tropical plants to bring the salty scapes to you.

{image via the global villa}

Layer in some beach-found organic elements like coral, seashells and driftwood to infuse that coastal feeling, or stack books in ocean shades.

{this beachy interior styled by our own Patti Borrelli}

Give us your inspiration images or let us pull together a mood board + design plan for you. We live for these kind of moments …

If you just want a little hint of that beach calling you,

3. Add aromas of salt + shore! … Light an Ocean Mist & Sea Salt NEST Candle or travel in your mind to the California coast by lighting our newest candle, BIG SUR AFTER RAIN (we’re OBSESSED!)

Or infuse your home with fresh aromas that bring to mind the ease of beach days, palms, sun and sea, like these from Antica Farmacista

Are you feeling + smelling those beach vibes yet? We’ve been reminiscing over here about our fav beach trips + accessories. What are your beach go-to’s? Please share with us! We’ll be talking beach feels all week on our Instagram stories, so follow along for some salty inspo.

Or stop in the shop to grab some beach-inspired goodness of your own choice.

{shop beach destination books here }

We hope you + yours are well AND hope to see you at ISABELLA soon (feel free to visit us virtually too via Shopify + Instagram). Reach out and let us know how we can make your day and your interior a little brighter (or beach-ier). ???