Get to Know: Ro Sham Beaux

Get to Know: Ro Sham Beaux

If you’ve ever seen any beaded chandeliers in the shop, they’re more than likely from Ro Sham Beaux. This Charleston, SC based company produces some of the most beautiful lighting and we’re thrilled to sell their products!


Ro Sham Beaux was created by Ann Yancy, an Asheville, NC native who studied sculpture, metal-smithing, and jewelry-making at the Portland School of Art.  She introduced her first line of lighting in New York, eventually settling in Charleston to launch her company in 2010.


The company is often described as ‘a fusion of Charleston, SC meets Venice Beach, CA’- and you can totally see why. Ro Sham Beaux’s use of natural materials- such as hemp, crystals, quartz and recycled glass- in their fixtures gives the brand a very unique aesthetic and adds to the versatility of the product. You could use their products in both a contemporary or traditional setting and they would look great regardless!

On certain styles of lighting, you’re able to choose hardware finish as well as the type/color of the beads used, which makes them very customizable. We mainly carry their chandeliers, but they also have table and wall lighting, as well.





We hope you’ll stop by and let us show you more of what Ro Sham Beaux has to offer!