Artist Spotlight: Marcy Gregg

Artist Spotlight: Marcy Gregg

If you aren’t already familiar with local Charlotte artist Marcy Gregg, then we are thrilled to introduce you! We’re huge fans of Marcy’s artwork here at Isabella (Erin even owns one of her pieces!) Not only is Marcy incredibly talented, her story is amazing. Marcy majored in studio art in college, but put painting aside once she started her family. However, due to complications with her third delivery, Marcy lost most of her memory as a result of a life-threatening coma. Once she awoke and worked towards rediscovering her identity, Marcy returned to her true passion, art.

Marcy’s abstract paintings are our favorite – they have so much depth and vibrancy to them.





We stopped by Marcy’s studio recently and snapped some pictures. She has some beautiful pieces available!

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If you are interested in any of these pieces featured, feel free to email us at