Quick Tips for a Home Office Refresh – Make Room for Zoom

Quick Tips for a Home Office Refresh – Make Room for Zoom

With more and more people working from home, the home office has taken on new meaning. It’s not just serving occasional use any longer. Whether a devoted area or part of a multi-purpose room, work-from-home space is getting daily attention. In our current culture, home offices are often the backdrop of Zoom calls or Facetime meetings. So why not tackle a little home office re-do to freshen-up your flow? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple ways to refresh your home office:

  1. ADD BOOKS! We love these colorfully styled bookshelves as a quintessential office setting or Zoom stage. And you know we love some color-sequenced shelfies. We have so many new books in the shop, available for purchase in-person or online, ready for filling your shelves and credenzas.

We love the way books make this home office space come together …

Just add a sculptural element and an eye-catching mirror to these inspiring layers of books and you have everything you need for the perfect spot- ready for creating, writing, video-conferencing, and maybe a little day-dreaming (okay so we may not all have these spectacular Parisian balconies, but you get the idea).

2. ADD ART + LIGHTING. We’re vibin’ this home office situation featuring a screen to add a bit of privacy, pretty lighting and more layers of books + art (check-out our new art finds here!)

We also like how this work space designed by Rachel Halvorson has a statement piece of art as a natural backdrop for video calls. AND how about those gold art light fixtures? Ummm…. YES!

And of course we’re crazy about Lauren Bolshakov’s home studio backdrop – a collection of her amazing art (we have many of her lovely pieces right here in the shop, take a peek!) …

3.ADD PLANTS. Another way to make your home office zoom-ready: Just add a little organic green. We’re currently craving a day trip to Charlotte’s new Plant Bar for the perfect plant additions.

We’ve been busy pinning home office decor inspiration, so link on over and get more inspo here. Also, learn some tips on how to be camera-ready for your next video call (no filter required, just a few practical tips including making the most of natural lighting, the best angles and more).


Just ask one of our local designer regulars, Barrie Benson, about Zoom call style. She was featured in the New York Times article cleverly titled “You Show Me Your Décor, I’ll Show You Mine” which highlights the thrill of décor peeping while on group video calls. (Link here to read on about who’s spaces to peep.) She added her own wallcovering backdrop thanks to some clip hangers and ingenuity.

You can also add textures to a home work scenario with area rugs, a handmade mood board, pillows, throws

… or textural window treatments (we have a slew of samples which we’re happy to dig through to find just the right one for your home office windows) …

Our shop girl Patti Borrelli used sheer draperies here to add texture and interest to an office area she styled with black and white details …

and our friend and resident jeweler Nolan Joyce added texture to her home bead-creating space with wallpaper, art, lighting and a little tray organization (hint: we have new trays in too).

No matter your home work situation, you can always add fresh flowers + light a candle. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest + Instagram for more interior inspiration. Our crew is inspired to give our own home offices a little reboot. How about you?

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