The End of Your Bed

The End of Your Bed

“What are you supposed to put at the end of your bed?”  This is a question that we get asked a lot in the shop when people are searching for new bedding. The thing is that there’s no one correct thing to put at the end of your bed- it’s all about personal preference! We’ve put together a list of suggestions below for when you’re stuck on what to buy. Let’s take a look at the different options:


Option 1: A folded duvet

Adding a folded duvet to the end of your bed is a great way to another element to your bedding, as well as giving you that extra warmth when you need it!



Option 2: Adding a throw over your folded duvet

This takes option one and bumps it up a notch. Try adding a throw with a contrasting color or pattern for a little extra pizzaz.



Option 3: Neatly fold a coverlet, blanket or throw and place it at the end of your bed

This is perfect for adding extra color in the spring/summer months when you don’t want the added weight of a duvet. Again, don’t be afraid to add some color or pattern here!



Option 4: A loosely thrown throw at the end of your bed

For those of us who like the ‘messy chic’ look (or those of us who don’t feel like neatly folding something 😛 ) this is your option.



Option 5: Throwbeds

We’ve talked about these handy little things before on the blog. We absolutely love the versatility that throwbeds bring to the table. When it comes to your bedding, add a throwbed over your coverlet or duvet, and then take it off and bring it into the living room for movie night. It gives the appearance of a folded duvet when it’s on your bed, but can be used anywhere in your house- aka: the perfect cozy bedding accessory!

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We love helping people find the perfect solution to their bedding needs, so if you’re stuck on what to buy or how to tie everything together, come see us!