Wallpapered Powder Rooms

Wallpapered Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are an easy aspect in your home to overlook, but can make such a statement if done well. Think about it; other than the main gathering areas in your home, your guests will probably frequent the powder room most often when they’re visiting. The powder room is a space that you can play around with bolder patterns and color choices if you’re not comfortable incorporating these choices throughout the rest of your home. And what better way to add pattern & color than with wallpaper? We think none!



Yes, wallpaper can be pricey, but powder rooms are usually small enough that they don’t cost much to wallpaper. Plus, it’s always a fun surprise when you open the door to a room filled with color and pattern! Take a look below at some photos we’ve gathered for your powder room inspiration pleasure.
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If you’re not into incorporating bold prints in your home, look into a colored grasscloth- these add color and texture without the intensity of a pattern.


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If you’re wanting to spruce up your powder room with wallpaper, we have lots of samples in the shop to help!