Earth Day Tips for Your Lifestyle + Interior

Earth Day Tips for Your Lifestyle + Interior

E A R T H D A Y always reminds us of the many ways we ought to keep showing love + care for our earthly habitat. It’s also a good opportunity to do a little something for your own backyard and perhaps add a little eco-friendly refresh to your interior too. Here are a few EARTH DAY tips for you from the ladies of ISABELLA.

  1. Ditch the paper and plastic bags + opt for reusable options. Anyone else still need an occasional reminder to bring re-usable bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market?

Not to worry, we’ve got you! And in oh-so-much style. How fresh are these woven totes? They’ve just-arrived in the shop and are ready for your next run to gather garden-fresh goods. We’re definitely ready for Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market and of course beach getaways, somewhere, anywhere. How about you?

If you’re craving a little something earthy + green to show some sustainable love, then why not dig in, literally.

2. plant something. Whether you plant a few herbs in your garden or add a houseplant to your interior, keep the plant-love going strong. Home-grown veggies and fruit are always the freshest, most nutritious fare. Here at ISABELLA, we all envy our owner Erin’s amazing garden set-up. How inspiring are these roses and rows of vegetable goodness? We can’t wait to dig into some garden planting + outdoor living (more to come on that topic soon).

And don’t forget the many benefits of houseplants, including boosting the air quality and providing a little plant-therapy (Read this article for more perks of plants). Our girl Sammy just added a plant baby to her home collection.

We also have a few new books that may inspire some green living as well…

If you want to be a better steward of the environment, then there are always daily habits to contribute to a better habitat.

3. drink from glasses and minimize your plastic purchases. Rather than partaking in the pollution caused by so many water bottles cast away, opt for pouring fresh aqua into glassware. Reduce waste + add style to your spring and summer soirees with these sweet tea glasses (no southern pun intended, though sweet-tea on the porch does sound mighty appealing right about now).

4. conserve energy – dim the lights. Add a dimmer switch where you can to give you more flexibility for conserving energy while lighting a room, only using what you need. Of course we also highly recommend lighting a few candles to add a little light + ambiance. These hurricanes are on their way to the shop, perfect for outdoor living, alfresco dining or indoor mood-making.

5. buy something vintage. One way to lessen your carbon footprint is to re-use items already created. We love to scour + scavenge vintage finds, uncover hidden gems, and then give them an update with fresh textiles or eco-friendly paint. Share one of your recent discoveries for sourcing vintage online or in person. We want in!

You can also support the earth by supporting those who dwell in it, those who refurbish old and those who create original art, furnishings and accents with sustainability in mind.

In honor of EARTH DAY + for the love of all the plants, a few of us took a recent road-trip to Charlotte’s own Plant House for some #plantspiration.? …

We so appreciate those of you who keep supporting our local business as we strive to be good citizens of the earth. Cheers to EARTH DAY and to making the earth + it’s people better each day and each year!

The ladies of ISABELLA