We first spied Kristin Endsley’s art when popping into Salt & Sundry in D.C. Bryn came back from her road-trip and shared her discovery. We all agreed Kristin’s pieces were a perfect fit for our shop. We love Kristin’s spirit and spunk, and of course her amazing art … the colors, forms, movement, layers. You guessed it, we love it all (and HER!). Kristin is a skilled painter and ceramicist who creates visual textures with rich color and expressive techniques. We love her sense of adventure, innovative style and her aim to fill homes with meaning. Kristin’s work has been featured in galleries from London to the states. Best of all, we have the privilege of showcasing her eye-catching paintings + sculptures right here in our Charlotte, NC shop and studio (and now on our shopify so you can shop right from home).

We promise you’ll be impressed with the edge and beauty of her work and with her as a person and creator. We played a game of 20 questions with Kristin to gain insight into the artist behind the art and learn more about what inspires her. Here we go with our Q&A with Kristin …

Q: Describe your style in three words  

A: My artwork style…gestural, geometric, ethereal. 

My interior style…eclectic, coastal, neutrals. 

My clothing style…jeans, soft t-shirts, great shoes and coat (okay, a few more than three words).

Q: Go-to color palette?

A: Shades of pink

Q: What have you learned this year? 

A: This is a tough question, because I think there is going to be a big awakening in many areas for me (or all of us!), because as I write this we are in the middle of a quarantine.  So specifically I have learned to NOT TOUCH MY FACE.  

Q: What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

A: Hand sanitizer 

Q: Favorite cocktail? 

A: Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita

(Ummm, yum!!! Link here for a recipe we found for you.)

Q: Dream dinner party guest? 

A: OPRAH!  (alive)  Diana Vreeland (dead)

Q: What smell do you love?

A: Salt Air (okay, simultaneous SIGH!!! Our ocean love is unanimous)

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A: I lived in London for 4 years.

Q: Favorite museum? 

A: TOUGH…Tate Modern, White Cube Bermondsey, The Whitney, East Wing of The National Gallery of DC.

Q: What’s always in your refrigerator?

A: Lemons ???

Q: The farthest you’ve been from home:  

A: Australia 

Q: Style icon?

A: Olsen Twins

Q: Where is the last place you traveled?

A: Case De Campo in the Dominican Republic.  

Q: What did you bring back? 

A: Seashells

Q: Best movie set design? 

A: The Royal Tenenbaums (we love the iconic sets of Wes Anderson too!)

Q: Who would you want to play you in your biopic? 

A: Natalie Portman if I could be so lucky.  

Q: You’re at a coffee shop, what do you order? 

Latte with almond milk

Q: Your three favorite things in your house:  

A: My husband, daughter, and son…also my Richard Misrach photograph, a tamagroute bowl from Marrakech, and a conch shell from my honeymoon.   
Q: What do you collect?

A: Seashells ???

Q: Go-to hostess gift? 

A: Local candles if possible or a bottle of champagne (we are totally on board with both of these ideas!)

We hope you enjoyed this chat with Kristin and getting a glimpse of her stunning artwork. I know we did. To learn more about her and see more of her beautiful pieces, check-out her site. We are looking forward to hanging more of her paintings in the shop when we return to life as we previously knew it. Please check-out more of her available paintings + sculptures on our shopify so you can display a Kristin Endsley of your own. Here’s to keeping the creativity moving for all of us!