Artist Spotlight: Nolan Joyce of Noble Collective

Artist Spotlight: Nolan Joyce of Noble Collective

We couldn’t resist featuring this cutie who sells her hand-crafted jewels right here in our Charlotte shop, ISABELLA. She’s been making jewelry for the past ten years and opted for creative over corporate ever since. In 2014 the idea of Noble Collective was just a doodle, but Nolan brought it to life with her spunky spirit and artful ideas. She named it Noble Collective, inspired by the definition of the term NOBLE: “honest, selfless, and brave.’… “Noble is who I strive to be.”

Since we are all striving to be more noble, informed and intentional in our lives, we thought it was fitting to feature our friend and artist Nolan of Noble Collective. She has collected literal and figurative gems and inspiration from around the globe, most recently on a trip to Portugal where she drank in all the beauty, history and creativity of the culture (not to mention a few glasses of genuine Port wine ?). The ancient streets, colorful architecture and friendly people made it a trip to remember and has definitely influenced her jewelry craft and collection.

We wanted to hear more about her trip (living vicariously through her, since it may be awhile before we are off on any such adventure). We asked Nolan a few random questions to learn a little more of what she’s thinking and loving lately…

Q: What do you do first thing after you wake up: 

A: Be sweet with Dolls, my pup; turn the air up and open all the blinds. Hit the Nespresso, and then, typically I like to sit outside (when it’s not raining) and read. [Currently reading: Untamed]

Q: Describe your style in three words:  

A: Eclectic, bold, thrifty

Q: Favorite city: 

A: Easy! – was just there before the Pandemic. Porto, Portugal. I enjoyed all the art, especially the way the art and history intermixed. Art is such a distinct part of the culture…seeing the variety of mediums and mosaics was so inspiring. The people were super friendly, the wine was cheap, and the pours were large ? … They make all their wine right there in Porto.

Q: What did you bring back from your travels to Portugal: 

A: Art, ceramics and SHOES!

Q: Hulu obsession: 

A: The Bold Type (it’s like a new age Sex and the City)

Q: What’s really important to you right now: 

A: Personal Growth

Q: Two things you love about your job: 

A: Freedom to create. And People. I love my customers and connecting with other creatives and designers.

Q: What have you learned this year: 

A: All feelings are valid. Good days are great, but bad days are allowed too.

Q: Currently dancing to: 

A: Currently: Rain On Me, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Always: Something to Talk About, Bonnie Raitt

Q: Go-to hostess gift:


Q: What do you bring with you everywhere you go: 

A: Beekman’s Stick of Butter (YAS!)

Q: Favorite cocktail: 

A: Simple – vodka soda, hold the lime, I’ll take an orange slice instead.

Q: Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence: 

A: Dark chocolate chip cookie. (Ummm, yum. We’ll have one with that cocktail please).

Q: Favorite places to score finds for your home: 

A: Sleepy Poet; thrift stores in general.

Q: Fool proof dinner party tip: 

A: Cloth Napkins, always [like these sweet Bunglo beauties.]

And – Don’t ask; just refill.

Q: Dream dinner party guest: 

A: Brené Brown

Q: You know you can always count on:

A: Leslie Jordan for a laugh.

Q: How do you unwind: 

A: Chamomile tea, essential oils and a good book or podcast.

Q: What smell do you love: 

A: It’s discontinued, but Nest After Midnight 3 O’clock Candle was the best. I burn it so rarely just to savor it. (Buy current Nest candles here.)

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you: 

A: I HATE to waste food, I love shag music and I can be super frugal. – Is that a surprise? Oh, and I’m left handed.

Q: You’re at the coffee shop, what do you order: 

A: In theory – Beetroot or Turmeric Latte (where can I get these in CLT?)

Q: Go-to scent: 

A: Lake & Skye 11:11 (I LOVE the rollerball oil)

Q: Artist on your radar: 

A: Georgie Wilson … It is SO cool!

I’ve also been lovin’ the art + inspirational quotes from Morgan Harper Nichols.

Q: Radio station that always puts you in a good mood: 

A: XM chill

We had so much fun chatting with Nolan… we hope this Spotlight inspired you, maybe to travel your own city and explore new art, learn something new, make a noble choice and create something of your own. You can shop for Noble Collective pretties in our shop (We’re now open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 3 pm)… or online at Noble Collective.Shop. Be sure to check-out her inspiring Instagram feed and follow along. We hope to see you soon!